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Buy 2 get 1 free - use code: "freebox"

Where we started out


While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I stumbled across a picture of an antiquated music box. It immediately caught my attention, as the familiar image sent me back through time. I remember always being fascinated by my mother’s Music Chest where she'd keep her makeup and whenever I opened it a ballerina in a pink tutu would start rotating around and music would start playing. It was mesmerizing.

After I remembered that memory from my childhood I decided to search up how music chests were made. Since I have creativity I decided why don't I try to create my own music chest that people will enjoy as well. After understanding how the sound was made I reached out to companies that had experience with creating Music Chests and asked them what kind of materials I would need to construct my own Music Chests.

The First Beat in the Business

After going through the different processes and seeing how it was constructed I tried making my very own with different kinds of music from popular songs and movies. Some sounded well on the Music Chest such as The Godfather, Moana, and The Little Mermaid while some didn't sound that great. There was a lot of testing on different kinds of music before we finalized the Music Chests that sounded great.

Perfecting the Pitch

The next part was finding out how the music being played would be heard even if played from a good distance away. I thought back to the music chest of the ballerina trying to understand how it could be heard clearly. After looking online trying to find answers I realized that the sound was increased as the box acted like a speaker where the sound would hit the box and reflect out and play it louder.

I reached out to manufacturers who have created music chests before and asked them what type of material would work best to allow the music to play clearly. They said it was wood. After being told this I tested different types of wood which would work well. It had to be lightweight while still being able to produce a loud and clear sound when played. That's when we finalized that it would be birch wood as it was lightweight yet still able to produce a loud and clear sound when the music chest was played.

Now I work with a team of people who are inspired by Music Chests just like me who are dedicated to the customer's wants.