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Buy 2 get 1 free - use code: "freebox"

How a Music Chest works

Have you ever wondered how a music chest works? Well today, we will explain to you how our Music Chests get their addictive sound.
There are 3 main components of a music chest that allows us to produce that sweet melody of your favorite song, movie sound, game sound or lullaby.
1. The rotating drum
2. The comb
3. The wood box container
How exactly do they work?
The rotating drum has a melody programmed into it, with pins that pluck the teeth of the comb that's made of steel.
Each tooth is a note differentiated by the lengths of the teeth. These different
lengths produce different frequencies when they vibrate, creating the melody.
The longer teeth are lower notes and shorter teeth are higher notes.
Here's a cool way to check out these frequencies - have a ruler hanging over the table and use it to plucking the comb at different lengths. A specific comb is designed to produce the melody for the rotating drum, so each comb produces a different sound.
Now that you can play the melody, we finally add in the the birch wood. Through experimentation, we found out that the quality of birch wood produces the best sound, so you can relax to the tunes of Music Chests.
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